Next Generation Men

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Spring 2017

Next Generation Men provides professional exposure, leadership development, community service, and ongoing support to at risk youth. Since they are applying for bigger grants and accumulating more kids they needed a more sophisticated way to manage their data. This team built a functional database that successfully integrated the user interface with the backend so that data can be viewed and edited through the website.

Georgia Justice Project

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Spring 2017

Georgia Justice Project is a nonprofit dedicated to helping underprivileged residents convicted or charged with a crime. The organization needed a more efficient way to track their progress on client’s cases since they were using Excel sheets originally. This team developed a desktop application that would help Georgia Justice Project maintain a database of their clients more efficiently.

Scholarship Academy: Database Team

Spring 2015

This team improved the scholarship tracking system used by Scholarship Academy. They accomplished this by creating a form that allowed anyone to add a scholarship and by writing scripts with Excel VBA that allowed users to easily manage the scholarships in the system. They also connected the list of scholarship info to Google Docs so that it could be shared with anyone. This project allowed Scholarship Academy to have a more reliable, flexible scholarship database.