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A major goal of Epic Intentions is to provide non-profit organizations in the Atlanta area with innovative solutions for their business needs. We accomplish this goal by creating interdisciplinary project teams made up of Georgia Tech students who want to apply their classroom-learned skills to serve in a very real-world way. The teams take on projects that last 10-12 weeks, with each member working an average of 4-6 hours each week. For the project’s duration, we ask that our non-profit clients be involved with the team. This requires a few hours near the beginning of the project to set out a comprehensive plan, as well as an hour each week thereafter to ensure that our team is still aligned with the non-profit’s business goals. At the end of the project, the team will present their results in a final meeting to the entire organization.

If you are a representative of a non-profit organization in the greater Atlanta area and would like to learn more about working with Epic Intentions, please email us at


A major goal of Epic Intentions is to provide Georgia Tech students with an opportunity to apply the skills they learn in the classroom to real-world situations. To do this, we create interdisciplinary project teams at the beginning of each semester. These teams of 4-6 students from a variety of areas of study are placed on a project of their preference. We ask that each student work 4-6 hours each week on the project. One hour of this will be a project team meeting, and another hour will be a meeting with the non-profit client. Each student is expected to contribute in a meaningful way to the project and demonstrate their progress at bi-weekly group-wide status report meetings. At the end of the project term (before the WPFE), the project team will present their solution to the rest of the group, as well as their non-profit client.

If you are a current Georgia Tech student who is interested in applying to become a member of Epic Intentions , please email us at

Faculty and Alumni

Because our project teams are interdisciplinary, some team members might not know about the field of the project that they choose to work on. Epic Intentions solves this dilemma by pairing each team with a Georgia Tech faculty or alumni mentor. This mentor is typically well-versed in the area of the project. The mentor will work with students, meeting with them during their team meetings for an hour each week. The mentor will help the project teams to understand not only the basics behind the goal of their project, but also the real-world context of these goals.

If you are interested in being an Epic Intentions team mentor, please email us at